Europe Direct (2021-2025)


Europe Direct engage with citizens on a pro-active and continuous basis to ensure greater ownership of the European project. By organising information and engagement activities, Europe Direct enable citizens to make informed choices about the future of the EU by fully participating in the European democratic process.

Programme Description

The European Commission, via its Representations in the Member States is launching a call for proposals to select partners to run the Europe Direct network.

By cultivating a better understanding of how the EU and its parliamentary democracy work and which issues fall under the EU responsibility, Europe Direct raise citizens’ awareness of how they benefit from the EU on a daily basis, while also highlighting its added value.

Europe Direct help identify the aspects of EU policies that are important at local level and can frame messages and activities to match local needs. Through outreach and citizen engagement activities, Europe Direct help prepare the ground for the strategic political priorities of the Commission and of the Parliament.

Europe Direct also listen to citizens’ expectations and enable feedback to the EU institutions.

Europe Direct work closely with the Commission Representations and with the European Parliament Liaison Offices in the respective Member States. They also seek cooperation with other EU outreach networks and local contact points, including relevant local networks (where these exist), and promote exchanges and coordination between them.


  • Information and engagement with citizens
  • Relations with local media and multipliers
  • Awareness about sensitive EU topics at local level
  • The EU in schools
  • Promoting a regional network of networks

Total Budget

It differs from each year.

Thematic Categories

  • Social Affairs & Human Rights

Eligibility for Participation

  • Central Government
  • Local Authorities
  • NGOs
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • State-owned Enterprises

Call Opening Date


Call Closing Date


EU Contact Point

Questions & Answers to be published at
For any further questions, applicants should send an Email to: (indicating in the subject line the reference of the call: ED-CY-2022)

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