General documents & publications

In this page you may find useful documents and informative material that concern the funding programmes in general. You may open/close the text box with the description for each document by clicking on its title.

Guide on EU Competitive Programmes 2014-2020

The Guide on European Competitive Programmes for the period 2014-2020 is an edition published by the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DG EPCD) and was created in order to respond to the great interest in receiving information concerning funding opportunities available through the European Competitive Pprogrammes. The Guide describes in detail the main competitive programmes, their purpose, overall budget, funding percentage, key priorities which are eligible for funding under each one and the relevant beneficiaries. It also includes information on the national contact points in Cyprus and the EU websites where further information can be found, as well as the relevant documents (application forms, guides for filling these in etc).

Click here to open the Guide (only available in Greek).

Showcase of Cyprus Success Stories in European Competitive Programmes (2018)

This publication lists examples of projects funded through some of the bigger European Competitive Programmes, that have been or are still being implemented, with the participation of Cypriot stakeholders, either in the role of coordinators or in the role of project partners.

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How to avoid errors when claiming costs in H2020 grants

The European Commission has published this document in October 2019, in order to share with beneficiaries the main findings of the first ex-post audits on H2020 grants and inform on the most common errors when claiming costs, along with some explanations. This is expected to decrease the administrative burden for the participants but also for the Commission itself.

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