CO-DEVELOP Programme – ICT-Health


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Cyprus Recovery And Resilience Plan

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Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan – Axis 3. Strengthening the resilience and competitiveness of the economy

Programme Description

The third Policy Axis aims to improve the competitiveness and resilience of the Cypriot economy. In addition to the other axes, it includes measures that contribute to the promotion of a new model of development and international competitiveness of the Cypriot economy, based on the results of the relevant study of the Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council.

Includes investments and reforms to expand the productive base by strengthening the primary and secondary sectors of the economy, improving competitiveness and the business environment, mainly by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), diversifying and strengthening the tourism product, modernizing public administration and local authorities, reform and improve the efficiency of the judiciary, fight corruption and enhance transparency, enhance research and innovation, and the resilience of the financial sector and the financial situation.

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CO-DEVELOP Programme – ICT-Health


The “CO-DEVELOP” Programme aims to enhance the effective collaboration between enterprises and the research community, with the aim of jointly identifying challenges and jointly designing and implementing research and development projects to develop new cost-effective solutions to address these challenges. In the context of effective collaboration, the sharing of resources and infrastructure and the mobility of staff are expected, among other things, in order to enable the technology transfer and the exchange of knowledge.

The ultimate objective is bridging the gap between academia and industry and the utilization of the existing know-how to meet specific needs and challenges, thus contributing to the strengthening of the competitiveness of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life in Cyprus.

Detailed Call Description

The effective cooperation between academia and industry is emerging as a crucial component for the development of innovation by: (a) enabling the industry to communicate its real research and technological needs to the organisations implementing research in cutting-edge sectors, (b) facilitating the knowledge and technology transfer from academia to industry and vice versa, and (c) providing a boost to research organisations and universities to conduct research focused on real problems and market needs. Therefore, the “CO-DEVELOP” Programme will act as a tool that will allow the development / creation of effective collaborations in the above framework.

Basic prerequisites for the development of effective cooperation between the collaborating organisations in order to enhance and facilitate the technology transfer and exchange of knowledge are:

  • the exchange of knowledge or technologies to achieve a common goal, on the basis of appropriate agreements for the management of pre-existing and generated intellectual property;
  • the joint definition of the scope and objectives of the project;
  • the joint contribution to project implementation through an appropriate division of labour, risks and benefits from the results;
  • the sharing of resources and infrastructure, and
  • staff mobility.

The projects are expected to be implemented by consortia consisting of at least one enterprise and one research organisation. Other organisations from the public and private sectors may participate in the consortium, as necessary for the better implementation of the project.

Beneficiaries of funded projects will become, through a fast-track procedure, potential beneficiaries of the knowledge transfer and innovation support services and tools to be offered by the RIF through the Central Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) and the “Innovation Factory” initiative. Aiming to enhance the utilisation of research results, the submission of a request for the provision of the Central KTO services is considered mandatory, whereas utilisation of Central KTO services will be optional.

Within the framework of the research collaborations to be established for the implementation of “CO-DEVELOP” projects, ownership of background and foreground IP, as well as relevant conditions for the use of IP, shall be settled accordingly through bilateral or other agreements between Consortium Partners. It is also expected that Consortium Partners from industry or the public sector will have the possibility to use research results for the development and production of innovative products and services (i.e. through exclusive or non-exclusive licenses).

Under the present call potential beneficiaries invited to submit relevant Project Proposals that fall into the “Information and Communications Technologies” and “Health” Thematic Priority.

Call Total Budget


Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan


The maximum funding per project is € 600,000.

Thematic Categories

  • Health
  • Information Technology

Eligibility for Participation

  • Associations
  • Central Government
  • Chambers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Large Enterprises
  • Local Authorities
  • NGOs
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Private Bodies
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • State-owned Enterprises
  • Trade Unions
  • Training Centres

Eligibility For Participation Notes

The Host Organisation can be a Research Organisation, Enterprise, or Other Organisation. Research Organisations, Enterprises or Other Organisations may participate as Partner Organisations.

All general rules and procedures for the participation of organisations and individuals, the eligible activities and costs, as well as the specific information regarding the RESTART 2016-2020 Programmes, are included in the RESTART 2016-2020 Work Programme, which is the basic reference document and an important information source for interested parties and can be found on the Research and Innovation Foundation’s IRIS (Innovation Research Information System) Portal (

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Research and Innovation Foundation
Partner Support Centre
Contact Phone: +357 22205000
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