Innovative technologies for adaptive camouflage


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Το Ευρωπαϊκό Ταμείο Άμυνας (ΕΤΑ) είναι η πρωτοβουλία της Επιτροπής για τη στήριξη της συνεργατικής έρευνας και ανάπτυξης στον τομέα της άμυνας και την προώθηση μιας καινοτόμου και ανταγωνιστικής βιομηχανικής αμυντικής βάσης.

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Innovative technologies for adaptive camouflage

Συνοπτική Περιγραφή Πρόσκλησης

Camouflage is an important measure to protect soldiers and military platforms. The adaptation of the camouflage characteristics to the conditions, such as encountered sensors, environment and threat level, could bring this protection to a new level. Both the performance of the adaptive camouflage and material characteristics, including its passive properties (e.g., fire/electric shock protection and camouflage), will influence the impact of this technology on military capabilities. This topic complements ongoing projects, in particular following the PADR call on research in technology and products in the context of Force Protection and Soldier Systems.

Αναλυτική Περιγραφή Πρόσκλησης

The threats’ fast adaptation, hybridization, proliferation of innovative technologies, and increasing lethality of threats, highlight the importance of enhancing the Land Systems (both soldiers and platforms) protection. Lower mass better protected
military platforms and soldiers are easier to operate at reduced risk for injuries. An important measure to protect soldiers and military platforms is camouflage in a wider spectral range, also including radar frequency bands.

A good camouflage coverage changes the appearance or signature respectively and prevents from being detected, recognized or identified, and furthermore from being, attacked, hurt, killed, damaged or destroyed. Various camouflage measures have
been used in many conflicts and have led to partially astonishing and impressive results. Legacy camouflage techniques and means are normally passive materials with fixed technical properties and with no possibility to adapt or change them. Hence, the signature remains unchanged if the background changes due to movement for example. These conventional techniques are being used in nearly all military situations, missions, scenarios and environmental conditions.

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€15 000 000

Ποσοστό Χρηματοδότησης από ΕΕ ή άλλους Φορείς / Ύψος Επιχορήγησης ή Δανείου


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  • Συμπράξεις ΑΤΑ

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