Join #ErasmusDays 2021 this October and celebrate your Erasmus+ experience

Start date: Thursday October 14, 2021

End date: Saturday October 16, 2021

Share your experience as an Erasmus+ beneficiary at events and initiatives across the world!

Erasmus+ is all about its participants and their stories! From 14- 16 October 2021, past, present and future beneficiaries will have the chance to celebrate the EU’s flagship programme and share their experience at events and initiatives organised across the world.

#ErasmusDays in a nutshell

This three-day celebration was first held around the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ in 2017. It celebrates the programme’s success and showcases the benefits of the life-changing learning experience it offers.

Institutions, organisations and individuals who have benefitted from an Erasmus+ funding can organise their events and share their project results.

The options for these events are endless: from exhibitions, conferences and discussion panels to poetry slams or digital events like e-tournaments, webinars or podcasts.

Over the years, #ErasmusDays have hosted more and more events across the globe. Even the COVID-19 pandemic was no obstacle to the success of the 2020 edition. 5,024 events were organised in 84 countries worldwide by Erasmus+ programme beneficiaries that year.

In light of the brand-new Erasmus+ 2021-2027, this year’s events will be an unmissable occasion to show how the new programme will contribute to the European Commission priorities, like inclusion, digitalisation and environmental sustainability.