TV and online content


Programme Category

EU Competitive Programmes

Programme Name

Creative Europe (CREA)

Programme Description

The Creative Europe Programme supports the culture and audiovisual sectors.

Programme Details

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TV and online content


The objective of the support to TV and online content is to increase the capacity of audiovisual producers to develop and produce strong projects with significant potential to circulate throughout Europe and beyond, and to facilitate European and international co-productions within the television and online sector.

Detailed Call Description

The action aims to strengthen the independence of producers in relation to broadcasters and digital platforms, to enhance collaboration between operators, including independent producers, broadcasters, digital platforms and sales agents, from different countries participating in the MEDIA Strand, in order to produce high quality programming aimed at wide international distribution and promoted to a wide audience including commercial exploitation in the multi-platform environment. Particular attention will be given to projects presenting innovative aspects in the content and in the financing that show a clear link with the envisaged distribution strategies.

The TV and online content action supports works (drama films, animation and documentary) intended for linear and non-linear broadcasting, presenting:

  • strong cooperation between operators from different countries participating in the MEDIA Strand, including between broadcasters;
  • high creative/artistic value and wide cross-border exploitation potential able to reach audiences at European and international level;
  • innovative aspects in terms of the content and the financing that show a clear link with the envisaged distribution strategies.

Call Total Budget


Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan


After grant signature, the applicant will normally receive a pre-financing to start working on the project (float of normally 60% of the maximum grant amount; exceptionally less or no prefinancing). The prefinancing will be paid 30 days from entry into force/financial guarantee (if required) — whichever is the latest.

Thematic Categories

  • Audiovisual sector and Media
  • Other Thematic Category

Eligibility for Participation

  • Central Government
  • NGOs
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Private Bodies
  • State-owned Enterprises

Eligibility For Participation Notes

In order to be eligible, the applicants (beneficiaries and affiliated entities) must:

  • be legal entities (public or private bodies)
  • be established in one of the eligible countries, i.e.:
    • Creative Europe Participating Countries:
      • EU Member States (including overseas countries and territories (OCTs))
      • non-EU countries:
        • listed EEA countries and countries associated to the Creative Europe Programme or countries which are in ongoing negotiations for an association agreement and where the agreement enters into force before grant signature – list of participating countries
  • be established in one of the countries participating fully in the MEDIA strand and owned directly or indirectly, wholly or by majority participation, by nationals from such countries. When a company is publicly listed, the location of the stock exchange will in principle determine its nationality.
  •  be independent European audiovisual production companies.

Call Opening Date


Call Closing Date


National Contact Point(s)

Organization of European Programs & Cultural Relations
Νenant Μbogntanovitz
Business Planning Coordinator
Ifigenias 27, 2007 Acropolis, Nicosia
Telephone: +357 7000 1300

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