Support to the National Focal Point (NFP) network


Programme Category

EU Competitive Programmes

Programme Name

European Defence Fund (EDF)

Programme Description

The European Defence Fund (EDF) is the Commission’s initiative to support collaborative defence research and development, and to foster an innovative and competitive defence industrial base.

Programme Details

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Support to the National Focal Point (NFP) network


The objectives of this call are to:

  • enhance the functioning of the EDF-NFP network and contribute to the increase of the impact of the EDF in maximising the competitiveness of EU defence industry, its capacity to innovate and contribute to developing key technologies
    for the future;
  • strengthen cross-border collaboration between EDF-NFPs and to improve coordination in EDF-NFP-related activities that reach more than one Member State or Associated Country;
  • continuously improve the services of the individual EDF-NFPs with respect to all aspects of participation in the EDF and to all stakeholders concerned;
  • foster matchmaking activities to facilitate the forming of consortia participating in the EDF calls
  • enhance the cooperation of EDF-NFPs with the Enterprise Europe Network and other relevant networks

Detailed Call Description

This action aims at facilitating trans-national cooperation between EDF-NFPs with a view to identifying and sharing good practices and raising the general standard of support to (potential) programme applicants, taking into account the diversity of
actors that could benefit from the programme and thus contribute to strengthening the European defence industry.

The action should cover:

  • NFP-organised joint trainings to improve the services they provide, share experiences and best practices in relation to their support for the EDF;
  • Twinning arrangements/facilities (in person visits or virtual), where NFPs can learn from their counterparts about the different approaches adopted in supporting national entities’ participation in the EDF;
  • The development of information and promotional materials (both in digital and physical formats) that can be used by the whole NFP network, relating to the services the NFP network is providing and on practical aspects of participating
    in the EDF;
  • The organisation of cross-border matchmaking events at selected international and European defence fairs or at national information activities such as national EDF infodays;
  • The setting up of a website providing information about the services supported by the action, including, but not limited to listing relevant events, introducing the EDF with a special focus on entities that are new to defence research and
    development, and a facility to conduct partner search taking into account existing platforms and practices;
  • The development of methodologies to help EDF-NFPs to interact with Enterprise Europe Network that has already well-established contacts with entities that are active in civilian R&D and can facilitate matchmaking;
  • Interaction with relevant national industry associations and with relevant Horizon Europe NCP networks, with the objective to have a wider reach to industrial entities and make the EDF better known.

Call Total Budget

€1 500 000

Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan


Thematic Categories

  • Information Technology
  • Justice - Security
  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Eligibility for Participation

  • Central Government
  • Large Enterprises
  • Legal Entities
  • Local Authorities
  • Local Authority clusters
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions
  • Semi-governmental organisations
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • State-owned Enterprises

Call Opening Date


Call Closing Date


National Contact Point(s)

Ministry of Defense
172-174 Strovolos Avenue, 2048 Strovolos, Nicosia,
Telephone: 22 807500

Department of Research and Innovation
Phones: 22 807755, 22 807754

EU Contact Point

European Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS)