RFCS-2024-JT-Big Tickets for Coal


Programme Category

EU Competitive Programmes

Programme Name

Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS)

Programme Description

The RFCS project has the following research objectives for the coal sector:

  • Supporting the equitable transition of the coal sector and regions;
  • Improving health and safety.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of coal mines in transition.
Programme Details

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RFCS-2024-JT-Big Tickets for Coal


The call objectives are:

  • Repurposing of former coal and lignite mines and coal-related infrastructure including power supply services;
  • Materials and waste reuse, and development of alternative materials, including recovery of critical raw materials;
  • Land monitoring, modelling, stabilisation and/or restoration;
  • Processing of methane emissions;
  • Monitoring, management and/or treatment of mine water and water tables in coal mines in the process of closure and formerly operating mines.

Detailed Call Description

This topic concerns RFCS Pilot and Demonstration Projects (PDPs) and applicants may submit proposals for either Pilot or Demonstration projects. Pilot Projects target the construction, operation and development of (significant parts of) installations on an appropriate scale and using suitably large components in order to examine the potential for putting theoretical or laboratory results into practice and/or increasing the reliability of the technical and economic data needed to progress to demonstration stage, and in certain cases to industrial and/or commercial stage. Demonstration Projects cover the construction and/or operation of (significant parts of) an industrial-scale installation, in order to bring together all the technical and economic data in order to proceed with the industrial and/or commercial exploitation of the technology at minimum risk.

Proposals should address the application of innovative technologies related to one or two of the five above call objectives. If addressing two call objectives, proposals should clearly identify which Work Packages address which call objective(s). Special attention shall be given to proposals focusing on repurposing of former coal and lignite mines as well as coal-related infrastructure, including power supply services.

Call Total Budget


Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan

The costs will be reimbursed at the funding rate fixed in the Grant Agreement (50%).

Project budgets (requested grant amount) are expected to range between €5.000.000 and €9.000.000 per project and exceptionally up to €18.000.000 for large demonstrators.

Thematic Categories

  • Energy
  • Other Thematic Category
  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Eligibility for Participation

  • Central Government
  • Educational Institutions
  • Large Enterprises
  • Legal Entities
  • NGOs
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Other Beneficiaries
  • Private Bodies
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions
  • Semi-governmental organisations
  • State-owned Enterprises

Eligibility For Participation Notes

In order to be eligible, the applicants (beneficiaries and affiliated entities) must be legal entities (public or private bodies, e.g. undertakings, public bodies, research organisations, higher or secondary education establishments or other legal entities) which carry out RTD activities or substantially contribute to such an activity, established in EU Member States(including overseas countries and territories (OCTs)) or countries associated to the RFCS.

Consortium composition: 

Proposals must be submitted by a consortium of a minimum of 2 independent applicants from 2 different eligible countries.

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EU Contact Point

For help related to this call, please contact:  REA-RFCS@ec.europa.eu