NGI Zero Entrust 4th Open Call


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4th Open Call


NGI Zero Entrust 4th Open Call


NGI Zero Entrust project, co-funded from Horizon Europe, aims to enable and assist independent researchers and developers to create powerful new technology that benefit end users. This concerns any technological component internet users collectively depend on, and which can be improved with regards to trustworthiness, resilience, privacy preserving characteristics and data and service portability. In this call, the consortium of NGI0 Entrust is particularly interested in the theme “Trustworthiness and data sovereignty”.

Detailed Call Description

The following types of activities qualify for financial support in the call:

  • scientific research;
  • design and development of open source software and open hardware;
  • validation or constructive inquiry into existing or novel technical solutions;
  • software engineering aimed at adapting to new usage areas or improving software quality;
  • formal security proofs, security audits, setup and design of software testing and continuous integration;
  • documentation for researchers, developers and end users;
  • standardisation activities, including membership fees of standards bodies;
  • understanding user requirements and improving usability/inclusive design;
  • necessary measures in support of (broad)er deployability, e.g. packaging;
  • participation in technical, developer and community events like hackathons, IETF, W3C, RIPE meetings, FOSDEM, etc. (admission fee, travel and subsistence costs);
  • other activities that are relevant to adhering to robust software development and deployment practices;
  • project management;
  • out-of-pocket costs for infrastructure essential to achieving the above.

Call Total Budget

See ''Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan''

Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan

Applications are accepted for proposals requesting between € 5,000 and € 50,000. Once you have successfully completed a project you may apply for additional funding.

The maximum amount to be granted per third party over the lifetime of NGI Zero Entrust is € 500,000.

Thematic Categories

  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Eligibility for Participation

  • International Organisations
  • Natual person / Citizen / Individual
  • NGOs
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions
  • Semi-governmental organisations

Eligibility For Participation Notes

Applications can be submitted by anyone that can bring a relevant contribution to the topics of NGI Entrust, whether that is a natural person or an organisation of any type. Project proposals should be in line with the NGI vision and within the topic of trust and data sovereignty on the internet and deliver potential break-through contributions to the open internet. 


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(Date of publishing: 02/03/2023)