New Entrepreneurship Support Plan


Programme Category

Co-Financed Programmes

Programme Name

THALIA (2021-2027)


New Entrepreneurship Support Plan


The Plan is under the THALIA programme 2021-2027 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the EU as well as the Republic of Cyprus. It aims to develop, support and promote entrepreneurship by focusing on specific groups of the population such as young people and women who wish to do business in any economic activity other than those mentioned in the Plan Guides, using their knowledge, experience, training and their talents.

Detailed Call Description

Each activity will be accompanied by a grant, which is estimated to part of the cost of eligible investment costs (equipment, buildings – purchase, buildings – construction, buildings – renovation / landscaping, promotion) with a maximum eligible budget per company € 120,000, for activities related to manufacturing, services, e-commerce and tourism.

Those interested in applying for the specific Plan, are encouraged to carefully study the provisions of the Plan Guide, the Model Application Form as well as the List of Required Documents, which are attached to the official website of the Plan. The order of priority among the candidates will be determined based on the order of submission of proposals (immediate evaluation) and the maximum amount of approvals will not exceed the available budget of the Call.

Important Note: applications will be accepted in the electronic System of Sponsorship Plans (SYSHCHO) of YEEB until December 30, 2021 or until the available budget is exhausted.

Call Total Budget

€30 million. This budget may be amended.

Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan

70% in young people aged 18-29 while 60% for men aged 30-50 and women aged 30-55.

Thematic Categories

  • Youth

Eligibility for Participation

  • Economically Inactive Women
  • Employees
  • Unemployed
  • Youth

Eligibility For Participation Notes

  • Young men and women living legally in areas under the exclusive control of the Republic of Cyprus for the last six months and having free access to work.
  • Young men and women aged 18-29, men 30-50 and women 30-55.
  • People who have not been in business for the last six months before submitting their application, they were not self-employed or had no more than 25% of participation in a business.

Call Opening Date


Call Closing Date


National Contact Point(s)

Service of Industry and Technology 
Vicky Tsangaridou Hadjipavlou
Trade and Industry Officer First
Phone: 22867194

Athena Xanthopoulou
Inspector Commerce and Industry
Phone: 22867178

Spiros Prodromou
Trade and Industry Inspector
Phone: 22867156