Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) for developing a large-scale European initiative for High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem based on RISC-V


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EU Competitive Programmes

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The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (hereinafter “EuroHPC JU”), will contribute to the ambition of value creation in the Union with the overall mission to develop, deploy, extend and maintain in the Union an integrated world class supercomputing and quantum computing infrastructure and to develop and support a highly competitive and innovative High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem, extreme scale, power-efficient and highly resilient HPC and data technologies.

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Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) for developing a large-scale European initiative for High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem based on RISC-V


The aim is to support a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) establishing a stable and structured long term partnership between the EuroHPC JU and a consortium of industry, research organisations and the institutions in High Performance Computing who commit themselves to establishing, coordinating and implementing a strategic and ambitious R&Iinitiative contributing to the development of innovative HPC hardware and software technology based on the open RISC-V ecosystem, followed by an ambitious action for building and deploying the exascale and post-exascale supercomputers based on this technology.

Detailed Call Description

This partnership will be set up through one single FPA, which will ensure the implementation of the initiative through several complementary parallel and consecutive Specific Grant Agreements (SGAs) that will carry out the different activities in a common framework. The SGAs will be implemented as Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) or Innovation Actions (IA) in function of the concrete objectives of the action.

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Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan

The amount must be matched by the Participating States.

Only one proposal is expected to be retained.

Thematic Categories

  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation

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  • Legal Entities
  • Other Beneficiaries
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions

Eligibility For Participation Notes

Eligibility exception:

In order to achieve the expected outcomes, and safeguard the Union’s strategic assets, interests, autonomy, or security, participation is limited to legal entities established in Member States and in the following Associated Countries to Horizon Europe: Iceland, Norway. Proposals including entities established in countries outside this scope specified in the topic/call/action will be ineligible.

For the duly justified and exceptional reasons listed in the paragraph above, in order to guarantee the protection of the strategic interests of the Union and its Member States, legal entities established in a Member State or in Iceland and Norway, that are directly or indirectly controlled by third countries that are not OECD countries or by legal entities of third countries that are not OECD countries are not eligible to participate.

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