European Quantum Excellence Centres (QECs) in applications for science and industry


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The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (hereinafter “EuroHPC JU”), will contribute to the ambition of value creation in the Union with the overall mission to develop, deploy, extend and maintain in the Union an integrated world class supercomputing and quantum computing infrastructure and to develop and support a highly competitive and innovative High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem, extreme scale, power-efficient and highly resilient HPC and data technologies.

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European Quantum Excellence Centres (QECs) in applications for science and industry


The objective of this call is to create two European Quantum Excellence Centres in applications, covering science and industry, which will establish a one-stop-shop for industry, academia, and the wider quantum technology user community.

The Quantum Excellence Centres should be technology-agnostic with a focus on quantum applications for end-users in science and industry. They should also be user-driven and inherently committed to co-designing activities, to ensure that future quantum computing architectures are well-suited for the applications and their users, providing them with a high performance and scalable application base.
The applications and software to be developed should be platform-agnostic, with plans to test their correct functioning on as many EuroHPC quantum computing platforms as possible.

Detailed Call Description

European Quantum Excellence Centres (QECs) will foster the development of an ecosystem of quantum programming facilities, application libraries, and a skilled workforce, ultimately the discovery of new quantum-oriented applications, fostering knowledge and uptake for these new technologies.

The QECs should be technology-agnostic with a focus on quantum applications for end-users in science and industry.

QECs should:

  • contribute to a library of new quantum applications and open source software platforms used for building quantum computing and simulation applications for specific areas
  • provide services supporting different usage models for the community needs, including developing, maintaining, optimising (if needed re-designing) and scaling quantum applications, addressing the full scientific/industrial workflow, testing and validating codes and quality assurance
  • create meeting places for users and organisations working on similar nascent technologies, and offer specialised training and capacity building measures to develop the human capital resources for increased adoption of quantum computing in industry and academia
  • federate capabilities around Europe, exploiting available competences, and ensuring multi-disciplinarity and synergies with national/local programmes.

Proposals should include a strategy for skills development, associating required stakeholders when relevant, and plans to allow users from different backgrounds to register and receive support for their issues while experimenting with different quantum computing platforms.

Proposals should include the enhancement of existing quantum applications and their integration with HPC/classical applications towards highly scalable, optimised codes. Proposals should describe envisaged collaborations with the EuroHPC quantum computing infrastructure to implement a robust and reliable automated deployment process for quantum applications, in order to make novel developments timely available to the European quantum user communities.

Whenever possible, participants in the QECs should work together to apply for patents for the developed QCS systems and accompanying and/or embedded software.

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Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan

As an exception from General Annex G of the Horizon Europe Work Programme, the EU-funding rate for eligible costs in grants awarded by the JU for this topic will be up to 50% of the eligible costs.

In case a Participating State decided to entrust the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking with the management of its national contributions, this funding rate will be increased by the additional national funding rate for the eligible entities of this country.

The EuroHPC JU estimates that an EU contribution of up to €5 million per centre.

Thematic Categories

  • Education and training
  • Industry
  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Eligibility for Participation

  • Central Government
  • Other Beneficiaries
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • State-owned Enterprises

Eligibility For Participation Notes

Proposals should show how the QECs will ensure wider access to codes and foster their uptake by user communities, in particular scientific community, industry, SMEs, and policy-makers.

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