Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation – Climate Governance and Information


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EU Competitive Programmes

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The LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value. After 22 years, €3.4 billion and 4.170 projects, the LIFE Programme continues to finance actions for the environment and climate action. For the 2021-2027 the total budget of the LIFE Programme is €5.4 billion.

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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation – Climate Governance and Information


LIFE Climate Change Governance and Information supports the development, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the Union legislation and policy on climate change, contributing to climate change mitigation and/or adaptation. This includes improving governance through enhancing the capacities of public and private actors and the involvement of civil society.

Detailed Call Description

Activities for the sole purpose of raising the awareness of certain groups are deemed insufficient to achieve these objectives, and are therefore not encouraged. Projects which set out to develop tools or studies must include specific and concrete action to implement these tools and studies during the duration of the project.

The scope and areas of intervention of the topic are:

  • Support to the operation of the European Climate Pact.
  • Incentivising behavioural change, mainstream emission reduction and resource and energy efficiency actions.
  • Awareness-raising activities addressing adaptation and mitigation needs.
  • Activities linked to the development and implementation of the Sustainable Finance actions.
  • Greenhouse gas emission monitoring and reporting.
  • Implementation/further development of national 2030 climate and energy strategies plans and/or long-term strategies.
  • Development and implementation of greenhouse gas accounting and climate change mitigation in the land use sector.
  • Assessment of the functioning of the EU ETS.
  • Building capacity, raising awareness among end-users and the equipment distribution chain of fluorinated greenhouse gases.
  • Climate policy monitoring, assessment and ex-post evaluation.

The indicative range of project budgets is € 700 000 – € 2 000 000 and the estimated number of projects to be funded is 5. The maximum funding rate is 60%.

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Financing percentage by EU or other bodies / Level of Subsidy or Loan

The maximum funding rate is 60%.

Thematic Categories

  • Environment and Climate Change

Eligibility for Participation

  • Associations
  • NGOs
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Researchers/Research Centers/Institutions
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

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National Contact Point(s)

Department of Environment
Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

Contact Persons 
Marilena Papastavrou
Environment Officer, National Contact Point for Environment
Contact Phone: +357 22 408 926

Chrystalla Papastavrou
Environment Officer, National Contact Point for Climate
Contact Phone: +357 22 408 962