Bio-based coatings, barriers, binders, and adhesives


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EU Competitive Programmes

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Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking

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The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) is a €2 billion partnership between the European Union and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) that funds projects advancing competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe.

CBE JU is operating under the rules of Horizon Europe, the EU’s research and innovation programme, for the 2021-2031 period. The partnership is building on the success of its predecessor, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), while addressing the current challenges facing the industry.


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Bio-based coatings, barriers, binders, and adhesives


Packaging, construction, agriculture, aquaculture, marine operations, textiles, furniture, wood-based industry and transport are some of the industrial sectors looking for bio-based alternatives to fossil-based coatings, barriers, binders, and adhesives.

The abovementioned sectors can benefit from bio-based alternatives with improvements in both areas through biotechnological solutions and other innovative technologies available; however, so far only a few products are available. Research should focus on novel, viable alternatives in collaboration with customers, consumers and end users.

Detailed Call Description

Proposals under this topic should:

  • Develop and validate novel formulations for renewable, recyclable or bio-degradable, and min 95% (aiming at 100%) bio-based coatings and/or barriers and/or binders and/or adhesives, with improved or unprecedented properties with respect to state of the art.
  • Develop adequate tests and results thereof on the developed bio-based solutions to show their benefits compared with state of the art. Provide proof of an improved functional, health and safety profile of the developed solutions compared with state of the art, showing fewer potential hazards and higher safety for consumers and end-users of the intended applications. Provision for the project integrating ‘safe-and-sustainable-by-design’ generic criteria and framework considerations, in line with the EU Chemicals strategy for sustainability.
  • Apply and/or adapt existing/mature or novel digital technologies provided that they are instrumental to achieving the project’s outcomes and scope. Applications of digital technologies that should be considered in the scope are among the following areas: i) chemicals, materials and process design & modelling ii) process monitoring and optimisation and iii) data analytics and data management of the bio-based products in the scope.
  • Disseminate the outputs and learning outcomes from the project in order to increase the public awareness, and awareness of relevant industry actors, of potential benefits of bio-based solutions and raise awareness on opportunities to be addressed.

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Thematic Categories

  • Agriculture - Farming - Forestry
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Fisheries/ Aquaculture and Maritime Policy
  • Industry
  • Research, Technological Development and Innovation

Eligibility for Participation

  • Central Government
  • Consumer Organisations
  • Large Enterprises
  • Local Authorities
  • Private Bodies
  • Semi-governmental organisations
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • State-owned Enterprises

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