Useful Documents

In this page we upload useful documents which have been divided into four categories, for your ease of reference:

  • The "Main Programmes Documents" section, which include essentially the most useful documents related to the main funding programmes currently open uinder EU Competitive Programmes and EU Co-Financed Programmes (e.g. the regulation governing each programme, the programme guide etc).
  • The "Event and Material presentations" section, where you may find material handed out or presented during the events of the events organised by the Directorate General for European Programmes, Coordination and Development (DG EPCD).
  • The "General documents" section, which includes useful documents and informative material concerning the funding programmes in general.
  • The "Newsletters" section, where the newsletters sent periodically will be uploaded, aiming at informing the public with important news, events and seminars concerning the funding programmes.

Main Programmes documents

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Material and presentations from events

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General documents & publications

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