Publication Date: 13/05/2020

New training programme for women entrepreneurs - GrantXpert

Below is an announcement for the participation of young women entrepreneurs in a practical entrepreneurship programme, which will be implemented in Cyprus from 25/5/20 to 10/6/2020, and in which 5 existing or new women entrepreneurs can participate.

The announcement for participation by the Cypriot partner in this project is given below.


Going through this different, unprecedented global phase, full of challenges and changes, we believe that the support and guidance of young entrepreneurs is imperative, so that through proper encouragement they can overcome the first obstacles and difficulties and strengthen in their own way the economic development of our country.

As GrantXpert, we are contributing to this national effort. Specifically, in the context of our European project "INSPIREUS!" (, we have prepared with our European partners a very dynamic and practical entrepreneurship program, especially for young women entrepreneurs and now we are ready to put it into a pilot application!
The programme will be implemented in Cyprus from 25/5/20 to 10/6/20, and 5 existing or new women entrepreneurs will participate in it.
The programme will be monitored online through the educational platform that has been developed.
The participation statement must be made at this link, by 15/05/2020:
If you are a young woman entrepreneur or you are thinking of starting your own business and you need support, encouragement and smart tactics to move forward with the creation of your business, especially in a period full of challenges, then we are waiting for your application!
The program "INSPIREUS!" will help you to:

  • Discover unique knowledge from real women entrepreneurs, all in a comprehensive, digital and free educational program;
  • Know other women entrepreneurs across Europe, and learn from their inspiring stories;
  • Learn how you can take advantage of your feminine energy, in order to be more productive, and focused on your goals, without fear;
  • Apply the basic steps of entrepreneurship, which will help you start your business.

* The educational material has been developed through the many years of knowledge that the project team has in matters of entrepreneurship. At the same time, it has been enriched with valuable knowledge through interviews of active women entrepreneurs in Portugal and Greece, conducted by the team.
* The programme will be piloted in all partner countries participating in the project (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Portugal), and participants will have the opportunity to communicate, exchange views and learn with support from all their trainers under a dynamic European network.
For more information or clarifications you can contact the Program Manager Mrs. Christina Achilleos by email at [email protected] or by phone at 22669266.

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