EEA/Norwegian and Swiss Financial Mechanisms

Cyprus benefits from funding from the EEA (European Economic Area), Norway and Switzerland, through financial mechanisms governed by Cooperation Programmes within the framework of specific Memoranda of Understanding / Framework Agreements between the several parties.


The EEA / Norway Memoranda are focused on promoting the four basic principles of the Internal Market (free movement of goods, persons, services and capital) in the following priority areas: protection of the environment, promotion of sustainable development, conservation of European cultural heritage, human resources development, Child Health and Care etc.


The Framework Agreement on the Cooperation Programme with Switzerland, aims (a) to reduce economic and social disparities between Cyprus and the most advanced countries in the enlarged European Union and (b) at sustainable environmental development and social development in Cyprus. The Programme focuses on three thematic categories: Environment and Infrastructure, Human and Social Development and projects with a view to encouraging bi-communal contacts among NGOs and serving the overall objectives of the reunification of Cyprus.

At the current stage, the relevant Memoranda / Framework Agreement are under implementation and the available resources have been committed for specific projects that are presently being implemented.


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