Funding Programmes

The Funding Programmes are funding instruments that promote the implementation of a specific policy (of EU or national benefit). As a general rule, for the utilisation of funding opportunities under the various programmes or schemes, a proposal for approval is required to be submitted- following the announcement of the call of proposals- either by an organisation/individual or jointly with other organisations, depending on the terms and conditions of the programme. Funding programmes are divided into the following categories:


EU Competitive Programmes

EU Competitive Programmes are programmes which are financed directly by the European Union΄s budget and are aimed at contributing to the implementation of EU policies.  As a ...

Co-Financed Programmes

The EU Co-Financed programmes, are programmes financed in Cyprus: •    From specific funds that have been allocated to Cyprus under the EU Multiannual Budget ...

EEA/Norwegian and Swiss Mechanisms

Cyprus benefits from funding from the EEA (European Economic Area), Norway and Switzerland, through financial mechanisms governed by Cooperation Programmes within the framework of ...

National Grant Schemes

The National Grant Schemes are designed and approved at national level and are funded solely by national funds. The aim of these projects is the implementation of various state ...

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